10 Inspirational Instagram Accounts All Creatives Should Be Following

Instagram is the number one growing platform for visual marketing. For that very reason, everyone has been stepping up their Instagram game. 

Sometimes, it can be really hard to find the inspiration and motivation to create gorgeous images to attract your ideal client. For that reason, I've compiled a list of 10 Instagram accounts that will (hopefully) inspire you to step up your visual marketing.

Without further ado, here is my list of top 10 inspirational creative Instagram accounts:


10 Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow | Aceti Design Co.

1 | @Dreamersandcreators

@dreamersandcreators is an account run my Mimi & Alex Ikonn. This couple built many companies together, including Luxy HairThe Productivity Planner & The Five Minute Journal. They both share an infectious joy and love for life. This account focuses on entrepreneurial life & business motivation. They also have personal accounts that are equally inspirational. (alexikonn & mimiikonn)


www.dreamersandcreators.com |

2 | @Catherinefleure

@catherinefleure is a lifestyle blogger who posts airy, beautiful minimalist images. Her images are always light and positive, the perfect addition to your feed to inspire you to simplify.


www.inlovewiththeworld2013.blogspot.de |

3 | @Kathleenadantas

@kathleenadantas is one of the few accounts that inspire me that is not a business/blog account. Kathleen's feed features snapshots of real life, photographed in a beautiful, unique way. Her captions are stories and thoughts that resonate with anyone. She is also a young wife, like myself, and posts regularly about being happily married in her early twenties. Her account motivates me to live a passionate, authentic life.


4 | @Makeandstow

@makeandstow is a small business that creates beautiful sustainable products, including photo & memory boxes and surfaces. I used to purchase photo boxes from this company to deliver my clients their images. I love handcrafted, sustainable products and gorgeous visuals. This account takes advantage of their company's beautiful products to create an ethereal, compelling images. Also, everyone needs a good photo/memory box for their wedding photos ;)

www.makeandstow.com | 

5 | @Bloomtheworkshop

@bloomtheworkshop Because who doesn't LOVE floral arrangements and breathtaking calligraphy?! Bloom is a workshop designed for creative women who want to learn about creative business (blogging, photography, design, calligraphy, etc.) The idea of the workshop is to share knowledge and build a community of creatives. 

www.bloomtheworkshop.com |

6 | Emily_kathrynjones

@emily_kathrynjones is a photographer & design student located in Toronto. After having worked with Emily myself, I can say that she is a genuine, outgoing person who always welcomes collaboration. Her feed of airy wedding & lifestyle photography will inspire you to live a life with authenticity and intent.

www.simplyemilyphotography.com |

7 | @Theschoolofstyling

@theschoolofstyling is a workshop designed for creatives in the design business. Their feed of beautiful floral arrangements and stunning design will please your mind. Who doesn't love beautifully designed photographs of floral arrangements?

www.theschoolofstyling.com | 

8 | @Districtwhitelabel

@districtwhitelabel is a digital printing company with great taste in design! The company's Instagram is the perfect inspiration for graphic designers and stationers because of the content they post. They regularly post the work of graphic designers that print with them and link the images back to the designer's Instagram. They also post things like 'color love' and 'pattern love,' which can draw inspiration to designers and encourage the use of colors and patterns they may not otherwise use.

www.districtwhitelabel.com |

9 | @Photovisionprints

@photovisionprints is a photo lab (yes, a photo lab!) that regularly posts gorgeous film scans. This account is perfect for anyone who loves fine art photography. They share a real mixture of subjects, which I love!

www.photovisionprints.com | 

10 | @Benjhaisch

@benjhaisch is one of the most popular photographers on Instagram. His feed of weddings mixed with adventure elopement will give you wanderlust. His photographs are as beautiful and genuine as his personality. 


The Takeaways

  • You shouldn't be following anyone who doesn't spark joy or inspire you
  • You shouldn't have a private account if you are a business
  • You shouldn't feel obligated to follow somebody back
  • You should be sharing content that is visually stimulating
  • You should be sharing high quality photos & captions
  • You should respond to comments and communicate with your audience

If you need help with visual marketing, check out our styled photos for instagram or shoot us an email so we can shoot something special for you!


Who are your favourite Instagram accounts? Share your Instagram handle!


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