5 Must Have Tools For Creatives

Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing a trend of items & programs that I rely on to organize & maintain my workflow. Today, I'd like to share my 5 Must-Have Tools for Creatives.

1. Day Designer

The Day Designer has been the newest addition to the Styled by Elle family of tools. This planner, although on the more expensive side, has a LOT to offer entrepreneurs & creatives. Each day has its own page. The planner boasts a carefully thought out design with a light grey-grid of important things, including an inspirational quote, today's top three to-do's, sections for due, dinner, dollars & don't forget, an hourly schedule from 7am-7pm, a lengthly to-do checklist, a section for notes, and a section for daily gratitude. Talk about endless uses for a planner! It really helps me prioritize my day and balance my work and home life.

2. Notes & Notebooks

I've only recently started appreciating notebooks fully. Their versatility is truly an asset to any creative. I use my notebooks for organizing blog posts, brainstorming new post & product ideas, making meal plans & grocery lists, pretty much anything that doesn't go in my day designer. Any creative should ALWAYS have a notebook on hand for when a new idea strikes!

3. Camera/Stock Photos

A little bit of a shameless plug, but still just as important! Blog posts are viewed WAY more if the post has compelling images. The images you choose to share also play an important role in branding your company. You don't want to be posting low quality, blurry, or irrelevant images to your blog, so take some that fit your brand & are relevant to the content you're posting!

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4. Wordmark.It

Wordmark.it is a website that compiles all of your fonts into one page. It is a wonderful tool for designers who are looking for a particular font for a design! I have this page open in my browser almost daily!

5. Canva.Com

Canva is a tool is used to use a lot. This tool is perfect for bloggers who want to create a blog post image suitable for Pinterest, but don't have a lot of experience using Photoshop. This website allows you to create your own graphics using your own images and text. It is a great alternative to Photoshop for those simple must-have blog graphics.

BONUS Must-Haves:

6. Creative Market

Creative Market is something I am very new to, but I am loving it! It is essentially a creative marketplace, as the title suggests. It is much like Etsy, but the sellers are approved exclusively and only offer creative content. The site is filled with gorgeous fonts, designs, clipart, mockups and photographs! If you're looking for something in particular for a design, Creative Market will be your one stop shop!

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5 Tools for Creatives