How To Choose Your Word Of The Year (And Why You Should Have One)

This year, I want to be full of actionable change and positivity. I'm striving towards success, health and happiness. To make this happen, I have set goals for different aspects of my life (financial, career, personal, health, etc.) Click here to learn how to make your own SMART goals & download a free worksheet

While making goals is fantastic, I feel that I need an extra push to really flesh out what I want out of 2016 and what kind of person I want to become. Which brings me here, to an exercise called My One Word.

My One Word is a three-step exercise & alternative to a new year's resolution. As myoneword.orgdescribes it, new year's resolutions aren't often unsuccessful, and they can be "broken," leaving no room for growth. Instead of making a resolution, I invite you to join me on the My One Word journey.

My One Word replaces broken resolutions with a vision of real change. When you choose one single word, you have a clarity and focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.

The following steps are derived from

Step 1 | Determine The Kind Of Person You Want To Become.

As described by, the first step is to take time to decide what kind of person you want to be. They also point out that this means much more that losing weight or making tons of money. Create a vision of the person you'd like to become.

Step 2 | Identify The Characteristics Of That Person.

Look into yourself to see character traits you'd like to find in yourself, or work on to be stronger. This can include things like being kind, gentle, outgoing, strong, etc. Make a list of words used to describe the person you want to become. This can include personality traits & words used to describe lifestyle.

Step 3 | Choose A Word.

Once you have your list of traits & characteristics, simply choose one word. You may wish to be all of the things on your list, but you have to resist temptation to work on all of them. Commit to one word that resonates with you the most. This one word will guide you to see the changes you need to make.

Try to live out your one word. Remember your word in every aspect of your life.

Give it time and stay with it.

My word for 2016 is simplify. 

While brainstorming my list of traits, many lifestyle traits came to mind. Of course, my list had all of the regular personality traits, including lively, positive, motivated, outgoing, etc. but simplify really resonated with me. I think I chose this word because it translated easily to all aspects of my life. I am an over-thinker, packrat, impulse buyer, and emotional hoarder. The word simplify speaks to all of these areas of my life that I need to work on. 

I hope after you've chosen your word, you have as much clarity as I do.

Lots of love,

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