Choosing a Color Palette

Branding, wedding planning, product design, you name it! Color palettes play a huge role in creative business, as well as our daily lives.

Everyone develops a distinct taste for what they like and what they don't. For example, you can probably tell  by my brand that I prefer using pastels, like blush pinks & soft greys. But there are lots of other styles. Bold, monochromatic, etc. Everyone has their own preference. But how do we harness what we like into a cohesive palette that is beautiful and functional?

Read on to find out!

How to Choose a Color Palette | Aceti Design Co.

1 | Create an inspiration board

Branding Inspiration Board

Use your old friend Pinterest and find some images you love. Whether it's the pattern, texture, space, or color you love, pin it onto a board. Collect 10-20 images that really stand out to you. From these images, pair it down to 6-8 images that you love.

2 | Dissect the board

You should be able to see patterns jumping out at you. What colors are repetitive? What texture did you keep coming back to? Is there anything that you're not liking, now that you've really analyzed the images?

3 | Choose 1-2 main colors

Looking at your board, choose 1-2 colors you're drawn to the most. These will be your main colours.

For example, in my board you see a LOT of pastels, neutrals, blush pinks and shades of grey. From this board, I was able to choose my 2 main colors - blush pink & dark grey. 

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4 | Choose secondary colors

Once your have your 1-2 main colors, take another look at your inspiration board. See what other color patterns you notice. From this, you should be able to find as many secondary colors as you need! When choosing our color palette, we chose to stick to 12 secondary colors for other graphics, such as icons, buttons & blog post images. You can choose as many secondary colors as you see fit.


By choosing colors from an existing inspiration board, you're ensuring that each color you choose matches your style & personality. There are literally millions of color combinations from just your inspiration board. Play with them until you find the combination that suits you perfectly!

How did you choose your color palette?