The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Etiquette

Engaged? Confratulations! Here are some helpful etiquette tips to have the best wedding ever!


  • Send save the dates 6 to 12 months before the wedding date.
  • Send wedding invitations at least 6 weeks before the wedding.
  • Send thank you cards at the latest 6 weeks after your wedding.


  • Don't send a save the date to someone unless you are inviting them to the wedding.
  • Always spell out the date, time, and state. Try not to use abbreviations (other than Mr. & Mrs.)
  • Use correct titles. If you're unsure if someone is a Ms. or a Mrs., always ask before addressing. While you're at it, ensure you're spelling each guest's name correctly.
  • If you know the name of your guest's date, include it on the invitation. If you don't know who they're bringing, "and Guest" is okay!
  • Don't use punctuation on invitations, aside from in between the city and state. Line breaks in invitations are used as punctuation.
  • If you're including registry details, put them on your info card. It's considered rude for the registry to be listed on your invite.
  • It's common courtesy to pre-stamp RSVP envelopes so guests don't need to purchase postage to respond.

Day of

  • Feed your wedding vendors! Add a plate for your photographer(s), DJ, etc. Be sure to speak to your caterer about providing these additional meals.
  • Don't make your guests wait around. If you're taking an hour or two between the ceremony and reception for photos, hold a cocktail hour for your guests. It's rude to strand out of town guests for hours in between the ceremony and reception.
  • Don't make guests pay for drinks (if you can avoid it.) The bar will be one of the most expensive bills from your wedding, but there are cost saving alternatives. You could have a signature cocktail, a limited open bar, or even skip liquor altogether. Serving beer and wine that pairs well with the food is a great alternative. 

After the wedding

  • If you receive a gift, send a thank you card. Handwritten is best.

Do you have any etiquette tips? Let us know in the comments!