Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Want to Play

Baby Shower Games You'll WANT to play!

Looking for baby shower games your guests will actually want to play? Look no further! With dozens of games in dozens of different designs, you're sure to find some games that will match your style! Visit Dainty Darling Co. for baby shower games, invitation inserts, and more!

Featured Games:

Mommy or Daddy

Have your guests guess who said or thought each line. The person with the most correct answers wins! 

Ex: I said "I love you" first

Celebrity Baby Names

Have your guests try their best to name all of the celebrity baby names. Some of them get quite wild!

Ex : Rob Kardashian - Dream

Baby Top 40

Set a timer for however long you'd like to play. In that timeframe, have your guests try to name 40 songs that feature the word "baby" in the title. When the time is up, whoever has the most song titles wins!

Ex : Hit Me Baby One More Time

Baby Bingo

Truly a classic! Have your guests fill in the squares for gifts they think you (the mama-to-be) will receive. As you open the gifts, guests can tick off the matches. Five in a row wins!

Ex : swaddle blankets, bibs, teether, formula, etc.