Printing at Home With Kraft Paper

It's not secret that printing your wedding stationery on kraft paper is a major rustic trend.
In today's post, we're going to share the two ways you can achieve this look!

1. Printed into the design

Many designers, including ourselves, can save you a step and print the kraft paper "Look" right into the design. (see graphic below) This makes it much easier as all you have to do is bring the files to a print shop (or print through us!) and print! No specialty paper required.

2. Kraft Card stock

This option is best if you're wanting to print your design at home. All you have to do it purchase kraft paper from any craft shop, and print! Be sure your files have a white background. Home printers do not print white ink and any other background color will be printed onto the kraft paper, and we don't want that!

Which is better?

If we put an invitation that has the "look" of kraft paper next to an invitation that is printed on kraft paper, they would look almost identical. The choice is truly yours, depending on your needs. If you're printing through an online or print shop, we'd recommend having the look of kraft paper inputted directly into the design. Sometimes, online and local print shops do not offer kraft paper and you may be disappointed with the results. If you're printing at home, you can save a lot of money on ink by not having to print the background color.

Here are our favourite kraft paper designs, available with or without the kraft background: