All About Faux Foil

Gold foil is one of the most featured trends of 2017, so it's no surprise it's still so popular today. What a lot of people may not realize is gold foil printing is quite expensive. Fortunately, there is an easy way to achieve the look for less!

What is faux foil?

Faux foil is a gold foil pattern integrated into a digital file. It is made using a high resolution image of gold foil. It can be overlayed onto various design elements in stationery. Instead of printing gold foil on top of regular ink, faux foil is designed to be printed to resemble the look of real gold foil. It gives the illusion of the gorgeous shine and texture like real foil. It makes a beautiful and convenient alternative to expensive foil-pressed stationery and prints very well.

There are literally hundreds of 'foil styles' from crinkled, to glittery, to a subtle sheen. There is definitely a faux foil look for everyone!

How to get this?

There are many, many stationery shops that sell digital files with faux foil details. Take a look at our shop for many, many examples.

We would recommend printing at a shop or photo lab. The quality is better than printing at home and usually cheaper! Some of my favorites are Staples, Office Max and Fedex.

Here are some of my favorite 'faux' foil designs: