These Aren't Your Mom's Bridal Shower Games

When you're at a bridal shower and the maid of honor says "time to play a game!" the response usually goes one of two ways - yaaaas or NOOOO.

You're in luck! We're collected the best of the best bridal shower games that you and your guests will actually want to play.

Who am I?

"Who am I?" It is a fun ice breaker game for your bridal shower! Guests write down a memory of the bride and the bride reads each one aloud and has to guess who wrote it! You can print yourself at your convenience.

The Panty Game

Have your guests bring an unwrapped new pair of panties you think would suit the bride. She'll try to guess who brought each pair, while adding them to her collection.

Ring Hunt

Hide rings in various places around your bridal shower. The person who collects the most rings wins a prize! (or gets to keep the rings) This is particularly fun if you buy little costume jewelry CZ rings or ring pops.

How Well Does the Bride Know the Groom

Have a sheet of trivia questions the bride answers. Hand them out and let the guests guess how many questions the bride will answer correctly! Make it your own and have your guests participate in answering the questions.

The Price is Right

Classic with a twist! Have your guests guess the prices of various household newlywed essentials. The person closest without going over wins! Add a twist by creating teams.

Find the Guest

This is a spinoff on that fun game you played in your early high school days. Mingle with guests to find someone who matches with each statement!