Choosing a Seating Option that Works for You

Now that you've decided on who's sitting at which table, it's time to decide how your guests will know where to go. There are many options when it comes to seating charts, place cards, and signs. Today, we'll cover the main four styles to help you decide which works best for you & your guests.

Seating Charts and Escort Cards

Dainty Darling Co. Escort Cards

1 | Escort / Place cards

This is of course the most traditional option. Have folded or flat business card size designs tell your guests which table they'll be sitting at. You can display these in alphabetical order to help your guests easily find their names. Many people also opt to use these along with a seating chart at the table for seat specific arrangements. Escort cards are recommended for larger weddings - it's unrealistic to have over 200 people staring at the same poster.

Get this editable template here from Dainty Darling Co.

Floral Seating Chart

2 | Seating Chart By Table

Seating charts by table are recommended for smaller, more intimate weddings. With weddings over 100 guests, these are not recommended as guests can become frustrated quickly if they can't find their names.

Get this seating chart here.

Seating Chart

3 | Seating Chart By Name

Seating charts in alphabetical order are one of the most sensible seating tools out there. Guests can easily find their seat assignment by finding their name in the alphabetical list.

Get this seating chart here.


4 | Seating Chart Cards

This is the most economical seating chart and is perfect for the avid DIY-er. You can print on 8.5x11" printer paper from home and arrange or frame it nicely yourself. You can customize the sheets to go in order of table or alphabetically. Either way, it's just beautiful!

See the inspiration here.

Do you have any tips for arranging the perfect seating chart? Let us know!