The Honest Guide to Bridal Shower Etiquette

Spring has sprung, meaning wedding season is essentially here! What comes before the wedding? Bridal showers! 

Planning a bridal shower or having one planned for you can be quite a stressful experience. We've compiled a list of the most common questions brides and hosts have for throwing a bridal shower. Enjoy!

Are grooms supposed to come?

Traditionally, grooms arrive halfway through the shower with a bouquet for the bride. You could always hold a couple's shower and have the groom there with you for the duration of the shower.

Who's supposed to host the shower?

There's not fast and loose answer as to two throws the shower. Usually, it's the bride's mother and/or sister(s). This does not always apply though, anyone can throw a shower. My mother in law threw my bridal shower!

Who's supposed to plan the shower?

The host works together with the bride to ensure they're not planning anything the bride is uncomfortable with. This also ensures you can include the bride in this happy time, deciding on themes and colors.

What do I give as a hostess gift?

Again, there's no one correct answer to this - it truly depends on the host's interests. Traditionally, a gift certificate for a manicure, massage or facial goes over well. You could also opt for the classic wine & candle combo!

Who pays if we hold a bridal luncheon / brunch?

Usually, the rule of thumb is if an invitation is sent, the host is paying. If you'd like to have a bridal brunch and have everyone cover their own meal, you could let them know on the invitation, or invite them in a less formal way such as an email or phone call. 

Who do I invite?

Simply put - Don't invite anyone who isn't invited to the wedding.

Who decides who comes?

Ultimately the guest list lies with the host, but traditionally, the host asks the bride for her guest list. 

Are you supposed to schedule games and things to do?

You don't need to have a cut and dry schedule of exactly what's happening when, but it's a great idea to have a general timeline of the day. Instead of having time slots for each activity, try having an open timeline. For example, let's say you want to play games, eat, open gifts, then have dessert.


I hope these Q&As were helpful! Let us know if you have any questions - we'd be happy to answer!