Trending: Our Guesses for 2019 Trends


Now that we’re one month into the new year, new trends have already popped up - and we think we can pinpoint which are here to stay! Keep on reading for our guesses for 2019 design trends!

1 | Minimalism is here to stay

Minimalism is one of our favorite trends, as we’re naturally obsessed with white space. We’re going to go out on a limb and say minimalism is here to stay in 2019.

2 | Marble is on its way out

Maybe you didn’t notice this one, but starting around 2017, marble was a very hot trend. From phone cases to coffee tables, everything was marble. We’re thinking this trend is on its way out and won’t be staying around in 2019.

3 | Hand lettering

Hand lettering has become a popular hobby, and can now even become a career! Check out Chalk full of love’s beautiful feed of hand lettered items. We have a feeling the hand lettering will only get bigger!

4 | Thin Sans Serif

Another trend we think we continue to grow is the use of thin sans serif font. As the minimalism trend grows, simple, clean fonts will also be on the rise.

5 | Colors

We’re guessing that the top 2019 colors will be gray and soft navy.


What do you guys think are some trends that are on their way out? What do you think will become super popular this year?