Editing Photoshop Templates for Creatives


Happy Friday! Today we’re going to go over some basic ways of editing Photoshop templates.

Adding your photos

Smart object layer

Double click on the layer. When you double click on the layer, a new window with just that layer will open. Paste your image on and resize as necessary.

Layer Overlay

Add your image to Photoshop above the layer overlay where your image goes. Right click on your image and hit “layer overlay” and your image will automatically fill the same space as that layer.

Downloading Fonts

Click the link and download the file. Open the .zip file and you’ll see the fonts - you’d be looking for an .otf or .ttf file. Double click on it and hit the “install” button to install the font to your computer :)

Changing Background / Banner Colors

To change background/banner/element colors, simply double click on the layer and select “color overlay”. Leave the blend mode on normal and click the colored box to the right - select the color you’d like. Click OK and you’re done!

Changing Font Colors

To change font colors, simply highlight the text you’d like to change, and use the color picker on the top banner of Photoshop.