Trending: Our Fave Instagram Accounts


Happy Friday! This week we’ll be sharing our favourite Instagram accounts of 2019 so far. Hope you find some inspiration for the new year in our list!

1 | Emily Michelson | @emily_michelson

Emily’s feed has been a longtime favorite. Having personally worked with Emily, I can say her personality is as beautiful as her work. If you love fine art photography & film, she will be a fantastic source of inspiration!

2 | Hunter Fowler | @hellohunterfowler

Hunter’s Instagram is another aesthetically beautiful feed with an amazing person behind the account. Her and her husband are awaiting their first baby after sharing about their journey TTC. Hunter has a beautifully minimalistic style, and she’s a photographer, so you can imagine how stunning her feed will be.

3 | Rifle Paper Co. | @riflepaperco

This account is a product account another stationery company. Their feed is modern and colorful, and heavy on stationery, so you can see why we’re loving it!

4 | Chelsie Antos | @chelsieantos

Chelsie’s Instagram is one of the most genuine accounts I’ve ever seen. Her images are sweet and simple and the messages behind each one are reminders to life a life filled with love and adventure.

5 | Moderntype | @moderntype

Ala’s Instagram is an insanely airy and beautiful. She shares a mix of every day life with her toddler as well as photography sneak peeks for her clients. I wish I lived close enough to hire her for family photos!

6 | Mandi Nelson | @mandinelson_

Mandi has a stunning minimalistic feed that will inspire you to live simply and appreciate the little things. Definitely an inspirational account you’ll love if you appreciate a minimalistic aesthetic.

7 | Katie Marie | @katiemariephotography_

Katie is another amazing photographer who is a complete joy to work with. Her style is much moodier than other photographers on our list, but we promise you will love it!

8 | Alex Garza | @alexandreagarza

Alex Garza is an influencer/Youtuber turned small business owner. Her feed is a beautiful working girl / family life mix. She also has a beautiful online boutique with the cutest clothes!

And there you have it - aren’t they lovely! Feel free to leave your fave (or your own) Instagram feed below :)