5 Tips for Starting an Etsy Business

5 Tips for opening your own Etsy shop.

For those of you who don't know, I currently run three different Etsy shops - Dainty Darling Co, MA Minimal & Aceti Design Co. 

After opening three different Etsy shops to sell three different types of products, I've learned quite a bit about operating a business on Etsy. I want to share my lessons and mistakes with you, so hopefully, you'll feel prepared to start your very own Etsy shop!

Keep reading for my five best tips for starting your own Etsy business.

1 | Make sure you understand Etsy's fees

Etsy charges .20USD for each listing you publish. (If you use my referral link, your first 40 will be free.) Listings are live for 6 months or until someone purchases your product. On top of the .20 fee, Etsy charges you a (very minimal) transaction fee to process payments. They also keep 3% of every sale you make.

Take the time and do your research about Etsy's cut and how you'll be paid. Nothing is more infuriating than thinking you're making a certain amount and then finding out you actually made 10% less.

2 | Photos are your first impression

Most Etsy shoppers don't bother looking at listings with low-light, blurry or grainy photos. This doesn't mean you have to invest in a pricey camera! I know many people who take listing photos with their iPhones and create gorgeous listing photos. 

When shooting your products, try to remove distracting background elements and use natural light. Setup a white sheet by a window and snap away! Be sure to get different angles of your product and, if possible, show your product in action. Use any basic photo editing app to adjust the colors, contrast & brightness and you're set! 

3 | take time for your Listing Descriptions

Once you've won your customer over with photos, descriptions can be a huge help in closing the sale. Customers are looking for a detailed description of your item. They want the length, width, height, material, customization options, uses, etc. They also want you to explain why your product stands out and why they should buy from you, and not another similar shop.

4 | don't skip the tags

Tags are the number one way customers find you. Try to use all 13 tags, and try to tag what your customers would search for. For example, if I was selling engraved cutting boards, I wouldn't tag "engraved" or "wood". I would tag "engraved gift," "wooden cutting board," etc. 

5 | Have Shipping figured out

If you're selling digital files, you already have this figured out. Etsy automatically sends your customers their files when payment is received.

For everyone selling physical products, however, researching shipping methods and pricing is very important. Fortunately, Etsy has made this process very simple with their shipping label options. If you can, purchase a kitchen scale & measuring tape. This way, you simply type the dimensions and weight of your product (in packaging) to price out your shipping costs. Don't forget to include packaging & label printing costs in your shipping fee!

Do you have any tips for new Etsy sellers?

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