Engaged over the Holidays? What's Next?

So, you got engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!  We've created a short and sweet list of what do to next.

Before announcing your engagement

Before you announce your engagement, there are a few things you may want to consider.


Is there anyone who will be offended they didn't find out first? Keep a mental note of who you need to tell first (parents, siblings, etc.) before announcing to the rest of the world. This avoids unnecessary drama and feelings being hurt.

Wedding Party

Some people may immediately ask if they're in your bridal party. You may want to discuss bridal party members with your fiance before announcing your engagement, or you can simply say, "we're not sure who/how big we want our wedding party to be." This avoids being pressured into having cousin Sally as a bridesmaid when you wouldn't have otherwise asked her.

Announcing your engagement


The most typical way of announcing your engagement to the world (aside from your family) is to post a sweet photo. Most couples opt for a photo of the proposal in action or a photo of the couple with the bride-to-be showing off her ring. The holidays can make a photo announcement even more fun by incorporating the Christmas tree, mistletoe, snow, etc.

Engagement Party

Skip the photo, or add to it and send out engagement party invitations. Your family and friends will be delighted to celebrate you and your new fiance!

A fun video

Take your photo to the next level and announce your engagement in a fun video and upload it to Youtube. Give all of your friends & family the link and let them listen to your love story!

Planning the wedding

Now, this is when the fun begins! You're officially going to be a bride! It's scary and exciting and new, but it's all part of the experience. Here are some things to check off your list once your engagement has been announced.

Bridal Party Selection

As we mentioned before, take the time to carefully pick and choose who you'd like to stand next to you on your big day. This also includes choosing flower girls, ring bearers, ushers, readers, and who receives the titles of best man and maid of honor.

Venue Research and booking

Once you're engaged, you can start thinking of what time of year you'd like to get married. This can play a huge role in venue options. It's best to research and schedule an appointment with potential venues about a year before your desired date to ensure the venue will be available. Remember, Saturdays in June book quickly!

Engagement Shoot

While you're booking your venue, you may want to start researching other services that book months in advance, such as your wedding photographer. Most photographers offer a package that includes an engagement photoshoot. We always recommend our brides take their photographers up on this offer as it does two things.

One - this pre-wedding photoshoot gives your photographer time to get to know you and your fiance.

Two - an engagement shoot gives you beautiful photos to send out with your save the dates. 

Save the Dates

Choosing save the dates is one of the most exciting things couples can do in the early stages of their engagement. They are essentially choosing the first piece of stationery that invites their families and friends to share in their joy of becoming a family. 

There are many types and styles of save the dates available, so it's best to narrow down your search results to avoid becoming overwhelmed. There are typically two main types of save the dates - photo cards and text cards.

Text save the dates are fantastic if you want to DIY print them, or if you don't want to have an engagement photoshoot. Photo cards are great for extended family who may not have met your fiance - it's nice to physically see who's wedding you're saving the date for!

We hope these tips have helped you! If you have any tips for newly engaged couples, feel free to leave them below. You could really be helping someone out!