Brainstorming Tips for Creatives

Are you in a design rut? Here are some tips to get your juices flowing!
You'll be on your way to new ideas in no time!


For a lot of things, timing is everything. Try brainstorming at different times and see what works best for you. Studies show that people are more creative in the morning & at night. 

Give full disclosure

No idea is a stupid idea. Don't hold back when you're brainstorming. Even if you don't think something is a fantastic idea, explore it. Allow your ideas to fully develop before you rule them out. 

change up the space

Remove distractions. Don't sit at on a couch at a coffee table. Try to change the scenery. Go outside, go for a walk, go for coffee, etc. Inspiration can hit at any moment, and changing the scenery will give you a fresh outlook.

try using physical tools instead of digital ones

Pick up your pencils, paint brushes, crayons, markers, etc. Try something new! Brainstorm, draw & doodle on paper. The change of pace could be a refreshing way to gain a new perspective, and hammer out ideas you wouldn't have otherwise explored.   

try word games

These kinds of exercises are similar to how to choose your 'word of the year.' Write down words that capture the essence of the message you want to portray. Write them all down, even if you're unsure of why they came to mind in the first place. Take a look at the list of words a few days later - they might just spark an idea!

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What do you do to jumpstart your creative process?