5 Ways to Distribute Your Business Cards

While many see business cards as a thing of the past, I firmly believe that business cards are still incredibly relevant and useful. I can't even tell you how many times I ran into someone interested in my business and they asked for my card and I didn't have any. If you talk about your business half as much as I do, you'll always be finding people to give them to.

If you're unsure of who you can give your business cards to or how to get your name out there, keep reading for some tips!

5 Ways to Distribute Business Cards | Aceti Design Co.


1 | Visit local businesses

A lot of local businesses are very into #communityovercompetition. Local businesses often advertise each other at their stores. I've seen countless stores with other businesses' contact cards at the checkout. Find businesses that are somehow connected to your type of business and befriend them. This can't hurt you at all and can have unexpected benefits. A local coffee shop shares my business cards and even offered me a space to have a pop-up shop for a night! 

2 | check out community boards

Libraries, community centres and even apartment laundry rooms all have bulletin boards where people can advertise their business or service. Take advantage of these and leave a few business cards on the board. You never know whose eye they may catch!

3 | scrounge community forums for local events in your niche

Check out local Facebook groups to find out about events in your area. If you find out about them ahead of time, you may be able to arrange a booth or space at the event to share your work. Even if you can't get a booth, it's still a great networking opportunity to pass out business cards and meet potential clients and even other business owners.

4 | share them with friends and family

Friends and family are the most underestimated marketing tool for a small business. Everyone feels comfortable hiring someone they know/they know will do a good job. Give a few business cards to your friends and family members. If anyone ever tells them they're needing a service like yours, they'll be all set with your business card and you'll be the first person they call.

5 | Talk About Your Business The Way A New Mom Talks About Her Baby

New moms, rightfully so, are obsessed with their babies. They can't wait to tell everyone that their little babe rolled over, laughed, smiled, sat there... They just can't help gushing over their little baby. 

Think of your business as your baby. Get excited, and then get other people excited! Whenever you talk about your business to someone, offer them a business card and tell them to check out your website or shoot you an email if they ever need a service like yours. 

How do you get your business cards out there? 

Michelle Acetimay2016