Why You Should Sign Up For Creativemarket

By now, I'm sure you've been using Etsy to find all kinds of goodies - both digital and physical. The content on Etsy has really picked up over the past few years and there are more buying options than ever. It can really get overwhelming, but what's the alternative? If you're looking for fantastic digital content, Creativemarket is for you! This post will outline the perks of signing up for Creativemarket.


Creativemarket is a curated online marketplace offering six types of content:

  • Add-ons
  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Templates
  • Themes

Each category also offers multiple subcategories so you can narrow you search. Everything on Creativemarket offers a standard license and an extended commercial license, so you can pay for what you need. But why should you sign up?

Handpicked Sellers

Unlike Etsy, there's quite an extensive application process to become a seller on Creativemarket. Sellers have to submit a portfolio, current shop & websites, and tell CM a little bit about themselves. They then approve or decline the seller's application to sell. This process truly weeds out sellers and allows only the best of the best. CM's content is curated so you can find quality graphics from fantastic sellers.

Prices set to sell

Creativemarket sellers know to create once - sell 1000 times. Because they know this, they understand they can provide quality products at affordable prices.

Specifically Designed For Creatives

Creativemarket was designed with creatives in mind. Everything you could possibly need to create something beautiful is listed for sale on Creativemarket. From templates, to mockups, to beautiful graphics and fonts, you'll find something you love.

Weekly Free Goods

A huge bonus you get for being a CM member is getting free downloads every week! Each week, CM handpicks 6 items to give to every member for free! You don't have to do anything besides hit the download button!

Big Bundles

Another huge perk of being a member of Creativemarket is their monthly Big Bundles. Sellers can donate products (in exchange for free marketing & exposure) and CM puts them all in a Big Bundle. They then make them available in a bundle at a major discounted price. 

What do you love about Creativemarket?

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