Email Signatures - 4 Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro

For a lot of businesses, emails are becoming the new norm for communication. Emails are replacing phone calls, and this is happening for a lot of reasons.

It's easier to respond to

With emails, you can respond at your leisure. You can take the time to write out your thoughts to ensure they will be communicated as you intend them to. Emails allow you to directly communicate your ideas instead of calling someone up, chatting away and forgetting what you called about in the first place.

 You can re-read to retain

Emails are fantastic for multitaskers. If you read a lot of emails daily, you'll know that you will not retain all the information you're trying to digest. The beauty of email is that you can re-read important details later.

it can be a lot easier to thoroughly communicate your ideas

If you're like me and literally write out a script for what to say on a call to avoid awkwardly freezing or stuttering, you'll agree with me when I say email is a business world blessing. You can thoughtfully compose a response before sending. Nobody is putting you on the spot to reply right that second.

It's visual

Most importantly, it's important to remember that your email is extremely VISUAL. All language, graphics, and content will be used to judge you and the tone of your business.

 With that being said, here are 4 tips to take your email signature from amateur to professional.

4 Tips to Make Your Email Signature More Professional | Aceti Design Co.

To help dissect the ultimate email signature, here is my current email signature:

1 | Your email signature should match your brand identity

Look at your emails as if they're a collateral item of your brand, like a business card. Take a look at my email signature and my website brand. What do they have in common?

Email signatures should match your website & brand's fonts, colors & graphics. Note my "graphic" is my name typed in the same font as my logo. My text matches the font on website. My contact links are the same accent color as the links on my website. Take these simple things into account when creating a new email signature. 

2 | include your name & title

I receive a lot of emails where the sender signs the email either with their first name or just their title. People should be able to recognize what you do from your title.

Note in my signature I have my name & "Lead Designer." I gave myself this title when I created Aceti Design Co. I could have given myself a title such as "CEO" or "Senior Designer," but I wanted to give myself a title that was broad and less intimidating to clients. Receiving emails from a "CEO" can seem daunting, so keep in mind the tone you're going for when writing your title.

3 | include at least one means of contact other than your email address

People should be able to find at least one way to contact you & view your work in your signature. Contact info can differ from a phone number to a Twitter account. Social media is the ultimate way to show your personality in a professional way. 

In my email signature, I included my website, Facebook & Instagram. (and redundantly, email) I think having only these four links makes the signature appear clean and uncluttered, but at the same time, there are many calls-to-action.

4 | include a graphic

Email graphics can vary from your logo, to an alternate logo, to custom social media icons. These little graphics can add so much personality to your email signature.

For my signature graphic, I chose to write my name in calligraphy instead of including my logo. This works for me because my last name is the brand's identity. I am Aceti Design Co.


5 | include a link to your latest content

It's been increasingly popular to not just share a link to your website, but add a link to your latest content. Things like "Check out what we've been working on" or "See the latest blog post here" at the end of an email can peak a reader's curiosity. It's a great way to add personality to your email signature.

6 | Keep it simple

This is truly the most important part of creating a new email signature. There are so many things to consider that it can be easy to overthink it. Go with your gut, keep it clean & match your brand  and you'll be on your way to having the perfect, professional email signature.

What do you guys include in your email signature?