Balancing Personal & Professional on Instagram

Creative solopreneurs & business owners are often burdened with operating two separate Instagram accounts - one professional, one personal. 

With recent modern changes to marketing, we have been given an awesome opportunity - it is no longer unacceptable for small business owners & creatives to share tidbits of both their business and their home life on one account. The question is, how do we find the balance?

We've compiled some tips to make sure you put your best face forward when mixing personal and professional.

Balancing Personal and Professional on Social Media | Aceti Design Co.

Oftentimes, especially for creative entrepreneurs, their business can be an extension of themselves. In this situation, it only seems appropriate to share some personal tidbits along with professional posts. There are certain things that can be done to keep a professional face, while also maintaining an inviting, conversational tone.

Write A Professional Bio

Don't swear and use proper spelling. Even if you're sharing a few personal posts with your followers, your Instagram bio should describe what you (& your business) are about. Describing your business/job title in a creative way allows people to appreciate your personality.

Know When to Get Personal

Instagram isn't just for advertising a new sale or announcing you're having a baby, it's about engaging your followers and creating a community. Having your personality show through a professional profile does a lot of good! Sharing thoughts & opinions in a professional, non offensive way to let your followers get to know you.

know your audience

As a business person, you probably know certain demographics about your followers. Their median age, nationality, and their interests. This should be a basic guide for you to decide if what you're posting to your account is appropriate. If you know your audience, you'll know what they want to see!

don't overshare

Keeping your audience in mind, there is such a thing as over sharing the details of your personal life. You shouldn't be posting things like you're having a horrible day, you got drunk at a party, etc. Think of it like this - if you worked in an office, is what you're about to post something  you'd show to your co-workers? If yes, then go ahead! If you'd be embarrassed to show them or think it's inappropriate, don't post it. Think of Instagram as a really, really big office. There aren't just a handful of people viewing your content - it's accessible to millions!

tone is everything

Tone is the one thing that stays relevant forever. Everything has to do with tone. The tone in which you post influences how your followers see you. If you have a negative tone with spelling errors and swear words, it is likely you will have a hard time keeping followers.

Stay positive, polite and open, and you'll be on your way to having the perfect balance of personal & professional on Instagram.


Do you have two separate Instagram accounts? What are your thoughts on mixing personal and professional?