Making The Most: 5 Tips to Get the Most out of your Instagram Account

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular visual platforms in the world, so why shouldn't you & your business capitalize on this?

Keep on reading to learn 5 ways to make the most out of your Instagram account!

Make the Most Out of Your Instagram Account | Aceti Design Co.

1 | Define your ideal customer/reader/follower

When people follow you, they are doing it for a reason. Maybe they like your style, they like your witty captions, they like your brand, etc. Take the time to find out why people are following you. Find out their demographics and what similar accounts they're following. Learning about your audience is the best way to find out what they want to see. This will help you keep gaining loyal followers and turn them into customers.

2 | Find hashtags in your niche

The best way to more engagement is to use hashtags. This makes your posts visible to a broader audience! Finding hashtags that are actually relevant to you & your business is the best way to find loyal followers. For example, if you make things by hand and each piece is unique, you would use hashtags such as handsandhustle, makelivesell, or makersmovement. These are all hashtags people use to promote their handmade businesses and LOTS of people LOVE scrolling through these tags, including myself! Find hashtags that have relevance to you and your posts, and you will find other makers like yourself, as well as potential customers!

3 | Use those hashtags to interact with other creatives in your niche

Scrolling through the tags you use is a fantastic way to find other creatives in your niche. Imagine the possibilities of collaboration, co-creation, and advertising for each other! These hashtags are a fantastic way to build a tribe of people who uplift and support each other personally and in business ventures.

4 | Streamline your editing process

By streamlining your editing process, you are creating a cohesive feed that allows the viewer to distinguish you as a certain style or theme. This helps you create more memorable content and also makes it more likely that people won't unfollow you. This is also important for your business - social media accounts should be branded the same way as your website.

For example, take a look at my Instagram account. All of my photos are rich in whites & negative space. This rings true for every aspect of my brand, including my social media accounts and website.

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5 | Respond to your comments!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but SO often I see people who do not respond to their comments. People take the time to read your post and write a comment, they all deserve a response, even if it's just a simple 'thank you.' What's the point in trying to start a dialogue if you're not responding?

What do you do to make the most of your Instagram account?



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