Mac Apps to Boost Your Productivity

There are a lot of great apps made for Mac that can help boost you and your computer's performance & productivity. Today, I'm sharing my top 3, why I use them, and where to get them!

Mac Apps to Boost Productivity | Aceti Design Co.



Ccleaner is a -FREE- app that cleans unused & unnecessary files from your computer. This app is also available for Windows. It helps your computer run smoothly so you can get more work done! Get it Here.

Clean My Mac


Clean My Mac is essentially an upgraded version of Ccleaner. For $30, it removes temporary, unused, & unnecessary files. It also allows you to delete duplicates, go through large files, remove old phone backups, and completely uninstall other apps. It also has a cool metre that tells you how much space the app has freed up on your computer. I'm up to nearly 300 gigabytes! This type of app allows your computer to run much more smoothly & efficiently, so you can get more done faster. Get it here.



Alfred is named after the butler in Batman. It essentially is your computer's butler.You can setup any key combination to launch the app, the default being the space and the F key, much like Apple's built in search - Command F. You probably know by now that command F allows you to search for keywords/characters on whatever app you're on, like an browser page or a Word document. Alfred steps up your search game. It allows you to search for apps, particular files, and google search pages. This app is particularly helpful for opening apps that aren't kept in your dock, or for quickly switching between apps. Get it here.


What apps do you use to stay productive?

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