Why You Should Make the Jump and Start Your Own Business

When I tell people that I own & operate my own business, I get a lot of strange looks and bitter comments. People often say, "oh, that's brave" or "I wish I could do something like that but I wouldn't make money."

Opening a business is both brave and financially risky, but what you get in return is SO worth it. 

Keep reading to find out why!

Why You Should Open Your Business | Aceti Design Co.

You have to start somewhere.

When people talk to me about their business ideas, I hear a lot of "I have an idea but I don't know where to start" or "I want to finish building my website/brand/etc. first." All businesses started somewhere. Sophia from Nastygal started her shop by scrounging second hand shops and putting the items on ebay! Her company is now a multi-million dollar corporation.

Ask any entrepreneur-turned-CEO where they started. Everyone starts at the bottom but that in no way means you'll stay there. The best way to learn how to run a business is by running one! Yes, it is wise to have a completed business plan and required licensing prior to opening, but everything else will come along the way.

There will never be "good timing" to open a business.

This point ties into the first, except now we're talking on a personal level. There will always be expenses, stress, family changes, new relationships to maintain, etc. to deter you from opening a business. Something will always stop you if you let it. Start planning your venture and see where it takes you!

Small Businesses are Thriving right now.

Take a look online and see for yourself how many small businesses are thriving. It is truly the era of small business, especially e-commerce business. Why wouldn't your business idea be successful? All of these thriving small business owners started at the exact same point you're at. Take a look at how far these businesses have come in a year. This could be you a year from today. What's stopping you?

You'll Thank yourself in the long run.

Even if your business idea doesn't work out, it'll help you gain valuable experience and may even inspire a new entrepreneurial idea. If it does work out, you'll be thanking yourself every day for taking the leap and creating the career of your dreams. 

What pushed you to start your business?