Why Minimalism Design Isn't just a Fad

Minimalism of all types is becoming increasingly popular in today's society. It is now considered hip to pare down your wardrobe to essential pieces and learn how to style them together. Minimalist meal plans are popping up all over the internet. Articles on decluttering and minimizing your belongings are all the craze right now.

And why wouldn't they be? Living simply can reduce stress, increase happiness, and encourage you to truly see what's important in life. While this technique is not for everyone, most who try it are extremely happy with their results. Why shouldn't that translate to your business and brand?

Keep reading to find out why minimalism design is here to stay.

Why Minimalism Design Isn't a Trend | Aceti Design Co.


Your eyes love negative space

It is a psychological fact that your eyes prefer web pages with negative space. This blank space allows your eyes to rest, allowing for easier retention. Viewers are more likely to read the entire page when you use appropriate white space.

Less is more

Having less on your web page allows the viewer to easily focus and find what they are looking for. How many times have you looked at a website and closed the page, frustrated because you can't easily find what you are looking for? Web pages with multiple headlines and bold fonts can overwhelm viewers, causing viewers to click away. Clean, simple design is proven to keep visitors on web pages much longer.

Look deeper

Once your focus is on the actual content and not the clutter surrounding it, it is much easier to take a deeper look. This allows your viewer to thoughtfully digest information and fully analyze what they are looking at. Readers are twice as likely to retain information if the page they're receiving it from is not cluttered with excess design elements and text.

How do you translate minimalism into your life?

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