How to Deal with Negative Feedback

Everyone knows that in life, if something is going well, someone won't be happy about it. This is exactly the same in business. You could have countless people telling you what you're doing is great, but there will always be a few people who attack you with their negativity. 

Running a business is a lot like losing weight. You have countless people telling you that you're an inspiration, a motivation, and that you look fantastic. But, hiding among those positive people are just a few negative people who can ruin your positive stride. There are always those few people who'll tell you that you still look fat or will try to reduce you to photoshopping your images or starving yourself.

Unlike weight loss, business feedback can be crippling for your mentality and your business. Feedback and reviews are made very public and can make or break your bond of trust with new potential customers.

Keep reading to learn how to deal with negative feedback!


Understand The Difference Between Criticism And Constructive Criticism. 

This is the most important part of dealing with negative feedback. You must first separate the constructive criticism from the destructive criticism. For example, if a client writes, "I will never purchase again," this is destructive criticism. The client is not giving you any description of what made them unhappy. There is no way for you to improve based on their comments.

If a client writes, "Shipping took too long," this is constructive criticism. You can easily identify the problem they experienced and can then send them an apology. This also allows room for improvement for new clients. If a customer complains the shipping took too long, take a look at your listing, policies, and shipping times. Do you claim to have a shorter shipping time than they experienced? Was there a delay in customs? If you know the shipping takes a while, do you notify your clients somewhere on the listing?

Constructive criticism is one of the best ways to improve your business. Who knows what customers want more than customers?

know when to ignore the negativity and when to speak out

Sometimes, people make immature, negative comment out of frustration or disappointment. It is best to not even dignify these comments with a response. If anything, apologize to the customer for any inconvenience/disappointment. You could even try sending them an email asking what went wrong so you can improve in the future. But that's it. If someone doesn't respect your business enough to tell you what you did wrong, they are not worth your a response. 

While it's good to brush off petty comments, you have to remember to speak out if someone is slandering your business. Slander can destroy your business and your reputation. If someone makes a comment about your work that is distasteful, untrue and offensive, you should most definitely respond. Carefully type out a thoughtful response that is both professional and well represents your brand's values. This is the best way to come out on top. Never stoop to someone's level with swear words and offensive remarks.

Stay true to your brand, your values, and your image. You have all of your positive reviews to back you up!

Do you have any tips to deal with negative feedback?