6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating New Content

Any creative business will recognize that feeling when you have a deadline or a post due, but you have no idea what to do. What to write about, what to focus on...it can get a little overwhelming.

Today, I'd like to share a list of questions I've compiled that I ask myself when creating new content & products.

Here we go!

Who will it serve?

This should always be the first thing you think about. Who is your audience? What are they interested in? Where would they like to see growth?

Having some insights into your customer's demographics is a huge help when it comes to creating new products and content. Learn about who buys your products and reads your blog. By knowing a little about your customers, you can understand what they want, what they like, and ultimately, what they'll purchase. Knowing a little about your customer base goes a long way!

Are there others like it on the market?

If you're in creative business, you more than likely have competition offering similar products to yours. Check out how they're selling. See what's selling the most, what's selling the least, what the most popular marketing strategies are, what seasons sales are slow, etc. This is not to copy, but to see what is working for them and what isn't. Take what's working and what isn't working and put them together in a different way.

What sets yours apart?

Think about what makes your product better than the other existing products on the market. How does your product stand out? Why will customers purchase from you instead of another seller?

Is its process easy to use?

The order process & using your product should be straightforward and easy to understand. Think of how you can go one step further than your competition. The more user-friendly and intuitive your product is to use, the higher the demand will be.

Is it clearly explained?

Even if your product is complicated, it really helps to have a clear explanation of how it works. If you are working on a new product, make sure the description is clear and well explained. Have a friend take a look at your product and see what questions they ask to fully understand it. All of these questions should be answered in your product description.

If you're working on new content for a blog post, make sure that you are solidly outlining every point you make.

Does it fill a need?

New products are always developed to fill a need. If you're creating a product that already exists in the market, think of how to do it better. How can you make it easier to fill that need? What will your customers appreciate?


What do you ask yourself when you create new content?