FREEBIE - In The Spirit of Progress Not Perfection

Hi everyone!

This week, I have been hitting some business milestones I didn't think I would hit until months from now. It's been crazy! 

In the spirit of crazy schedules, work piling up, & my apparent need for organization, I designed a FREE desktop background I'd like to share with you guys!

The desktop background reads 'progress not perfection,' to help you on those days you don't think you're doing such a great job. It's a great way to stop and remind yourself how far you've come! It also features two white boxes, one for progress, or incomplete files, and the other is to archive.

I know whenever I finish creating a new design or product, it stays on my desktop until I feel like moving files around. This wallpaper will be a cute reminder to keep yourself organized!

Simply click to enlarge, right click and save! Or click here.

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How do you guys keep on top of your cluttered desktop?


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