16 Compelling Post Ideas For Social Media

If you haven't already heard why your business needs more visual content, the marketing world has made a dramatic shift recently. It is now commonplace for all businesses to have social media accounts to share their products, brand, and general image.

What Drives Success Of Social Media?

Compelling, Well Designed, High Quality Visuals.

We've compiled an awesome list of 16 kinds of social media posts for your business.

1 | Color Love

This kind of post has been gaining popularity because it works to multiple types of businesses. Color love is a post you can make that showcases colors that are becoming popular, or ones you've been loving lately.  People have also begun making alternatives to color love, such as 'pattern love.'

2 | follow friday

This is a post that highlights other people's Instagram accounts that inspire you. This type of post builds community and allows for further exposure when someone else highlights your account.

3 | inspirational quotes

The best way to beat the Monday blues is a sweet motivational quote! These types of posts are also useful as filler when you have no news or new content to post.

4 | giveaways

Hosting a giveaway on social media means you get to post lots of attractive graphics to advertise. This type of post also builds your following & a sense of community involving your business.

5 | testimonials

Posting testimonials on social media is a great way to advertise your excellent customer service. I've found posting testimonials on Instagram is a great way to grab potential buyer's attention. Mixing in a testimonial with lots of product spotlights adds to the likelihood of someone purchasing from you.

6 | exclusive sales discounts 

Everyone loves exclusive things! Offer an 'exclusive discount' to your followers.

7 | fill in the blanks

These are especially fun on Fridays! Make a little graphic that says, "This weekend I will ____" and encourage people to share their answers in the comments. You can make these saying pretty much anything.

8 | product spotlights

Of course, with your business account, you're going to want to showcase those fantastic products of yours. Showcase new products, popular products, sale products, etc... The only rule with this type of post is this should not be the only thing you're posting on social media.

9 |  freebies

Everyone loves free content! Display a photo of your freebie and link it to your blog/website to get you more web traffic!

10 | inspiration

Post things in your niche that are inspirational, motivating, or just plain pretty. This also allows you to create a sense of community by showcasing someone else's product. #communityovercompetition

11 | calls to action

Post a photo of your free ebook, ecourse, or printable in action. Make your product look irresistible. Use the hashtag #linkinbio and instead of having a link to your website, have an exact link to that product. #linkinbio also works well for sales, freebies & giveaways. 

12 | encouragement

This kind of falls into inspirational quotes

13 | infographics

Infographics are the BEST way to gain popularity. Go on pinterest and type of "how-to infographic." People use these for anything & everything! Infographics also very sharable because they're vertical and they display all of the info - there's no need to click through a link to continue reading!

14 | tips

Share helpful tips that are relevant to your niche market. For example, I blog about creative business - I would share tips about creative business. It's also a great idea to share tips about how to use/wear/care for/store your product.

15 | behind the scenes

People love to see how things work! Post a photo of your product in production, whether it's being brainsotrmed, built, tested, or packaged!

16 | product in action

Post a photo of your product in action/use. Encourage your followers to post their own photos with your hashtag, and feature customer posts.

To create easy, attractive graphics for social media, try out canva.com. You can upload your own graphics/photos and overlay text or you can use their backgrounds!

16 Social Media Post Ideas | Aceti Design Co.

What kind of posts do you use the most?