5 Questions to Ask your Wedding Stationer

There is so much more to a wedding invitation than what meets the eye. This invitation probably one of the most important piece of paper you will ever design. 

Not only do wedding invitations give general info about your wedding, like the date and time, the invitation also sets the mood for your wedding. Fonts, design elements and paper quality all play a role in what your guests will be expecting at your wedding.

There are three main areas you should discuss with your stationer before choosing a design - 

Theme, Customization, & Quality

Keep reading to find 5 questions to ask your wedding stationer to ensure you receive designs that match your wedding vision.

5 Questions to Ask Your Stationer | Aceti Design Co.

Theme Questions

1 | What is the overall theme of this design? What was your vision when creating it?

Ask your stationer about the theme they were going for when they were creating the design. What emotions were they trying to convey? Ask them to describe the design using emotions or adjectives. For example, some designs can be described as feminine, dainty, or floral, while some can be described as romantic, formal, or beachy. 

See the photos below for examples:



Customization questions

2 | Can the wording be customized?

A lot of stationers have set templates where the wording cannot be changed - there are only editable slots for the names, date, time, etc. Be sure to find out if you can use your own wording, just in case you're not loving the one they have on the sample.

3 | Can the colors be customized?

Many stationers don't offer the ability to change the colors of the design elements in the invitation. For example, if you love an invitation design but it has purple flowers but your wedding colors are red and black, you need to ensure that your stationer can change this before you commit. Another thing to think about is the ability to change the colors of the fonts & background. This tiny change can make a drastic impact of the overall feel of the invite.

Quality Questions

4 | What is the price on a completed invitation?

Too many stationers price their invitations by piece, instead of per completed invite. What I mean by completed invite is one invite with envelope, one info card insert and one rsvp card with envelope. Instead of pricing each piece individually, ask for the price of a completed invite. It will give you a better idea of the pricing for the quantity of invites you need.

5 | Do you offer different paper finishes?

A great stationer will have the ability to offer you a multitude of paper options, depending on your theme, preference, and budget. 

Aceti Design Co. is proud to offer full, 100% customization on all  300+ of our invitations. Wording & design elements can be added, removed and changed for no additional fee. We offer a full range of paper finishes, including glossy, matte & linen finish. If that's not enticing enough, our competitive pricing will win you over!

What have you asked about your stationer? Is customization important to you?

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