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Mac Apps to Boost Your Productivity

There are a lot of great apps made for Mac that can help boost you and your computer's performance & productivity. Today, I'm sharing my top 3, why I use them, and where to get them!

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Michelle Acetimarch 2016
10 Ways to Improve Your Business on Slow Days

You don't get time to rest when business is slow.

Are you having a bit of a slow business day? Did you already fill all of your existing orders? Don't worry! There are plenty of tasks you can accomplish during this lull to improve your business.

Downtime in a business is actually a blessing in disguise. It gives you a little extra time to work on all the the smaller details of your business. You finally have some time to improve your website copy, take new product images, work on your business plan, map out new goals, etc.

Keep reading for 10 ways to improve your business on slow days!

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Email Signatures - 4 Tips to Make You Look Like a Pro

For a lot of businesses, emails are becoming the new norm for communication. Emails are replacing phone calls, and this is happening for a lot of reasons.

It's easier to respond to

With emails, you can respond at your leisure. You can take the time to write out your thoughts to ensure they will be communicated as you intend them to. Emails allow you to directly communicate your ideas instead of calling someone up, chatting away and forgetting what you called about in the first place.

 You can re-read to retain

Emails are fantastic for multitaskers. If you read a lot of emails daily, you'll know that you will not retain all the information you're trying to digest. The beauty of email is that you can re-read important details later.

it can be a lot easier to thoroughly communicate your ideas

If you're like me and literally write out a script for what to say on a call to avoid awkwardly freezing or stuttering, you'll agree with me when I say email is a business world blessing. You can thoughtfully compose a response before sending. Nobody is putting you on the spot to reply right that second.

It's visual

Most importantly, it's important to remember that your email is extremely VISUAL. All language, graphics, and content will be used to judge you and the tone of your business.

 With that being said, here are 4 tips to take your email signature from amateur to professional.

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Creative Blogs to Inspire You

As a creative business owner, I've read my fair share of blog posts. From branding to font favourites to time management tips, my brain has processed hundreds of articles from other business owners. I just love reading other creative blogs. Since the creative industry is one that is in a state on constant change, it's important to absorb as much content as you can. Creatives are ALWAYS learning. I scour Pinterest like everyone else, in search of any blog post that remotely related to what I'm interested in. That being said, there are very few blogs I return to on a regular basis.

Today, I'm sharing 3 blogs that I LOVE to visit!

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Stay Sane - 5 Super Effective Tips for Organizing Your Workload

As a business owner, creative, and human, I understand the struggle of keeping up with a heavy workload. Everyone in the world goes through at least one period of time where they are so overwhelmingly busy that they just can't get a grip on their schedule and properly manage their time.

Whether you're a business owner, employee, creative, freelancer, or a student, these tips will help you stay sane and keep on top of all the millions of things you have to do.

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Balancing Personal & Professional on Instagram

Creative solopreneurs & business owners are often burdened with operating two separate Instagram accounts - one professional, one personal. 

With recent modern changes to marketing, we have been given an awesome opportunity - it is no longer unacceptable for small business owners & creatives to share tidbits of both their business and their home life on one account. The question is, how do we find the balance?

We've compiled some tips to make sure you put your best face forward when mixing personal and professional.

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The 8 Biggest Lessons I've Learned in My First Year of Business

It's so hard to believe I started this venture a little over a year ago! The past year has had so many ups and downs, especially the past six months. Six months is such a short time to learn to become a full time business owner. I've spent my time finding my niche, streamlining client processes, building a brand, and brainstorming new products & content. Today, I'm sharing the 8 most important lessons I've learned from my first year running Aceti Design Co.

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