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How to Deal with Negative Feedback

Everyone knows that in life, if something is going well, someone won't be happy about it. This is exactly the same in business. You could have countless people telling you what you're doing is great, but there will always be a few people who attack you with their negativity. 

Running a business is a lot like losing weight. You have countless people telling you that you're an inspiration, a motivation, and that you look fantastic. But, hiding among those positive people are just a few negative people who can ruin your positive stride. There are always those few people who'll tell you that you still look fat or will try to reduce you to photoshopping your images or starving yourself.

Unlike weight loss, business feedback can be crippling for your mentality and your business. Feedback and reviews are made very public and can make or break your bond of trust with new potential customers.

Keep reading to learn how to deal with negative feedback!

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How to Choose Which Wedding Stationery Theme is Best for You

In the wedding stationery world, there are literally thousands of different designs and designers to choose from. It can definitely become overwhelming to scroll through hundreds of different designs, completely unsure of which direction to go with.

There are four main themes of wedding stationery - keep reading for a breakdown of each theme and how to figure out which theme is best for you!

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Why Minimalism Design Isn't just a Fad

Minimalism of all types is becoming increasingly popular in today's society. It is now considered hip to pare down your wardrobe to essential pieces and learn how to style them together. Minimalist meal plans are popping up all over the internet. Articles on decluttering and minimizing your belongings are all the craze right now.

And why wouldn't they be? Living simply can reduce stress, increase happiness, and encourage you to truly see what's important in life. While this technique is not for everyone, most who try it are extremely happy with their results. Why shouldn't that translate to your business and brand?

Keep reading to find out why minimalism design is here to stay.

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5 Ways to Distribute Your Business Cards

While many see business cards as a thing of the past, I firmly believe that business cards are still incredibly relevant and useful. I can't even tell you how many times I ran into someone interested in my business and they asked for my card and I didn't have any. If you talk about y xzour business half as much as I do, you'll always be finding people to give them to.

If you're unsure of who you can give your business cards to or how to get your name out there, keep reading for some tips!

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Why You Should Make the Jump and Start Your Own Business

When I tell people that I own & operate my own business, I get a lot of strange looks and bitter comments. People often say, "oh, that's brave" or "I wish I could do something like that but I wouldn't make money."

Opening a business is both brave and financially risky, but what you get in return is SO worth it. 

Keep reading to find out why!

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May Freebie - Styled Image

Hi Aceti Design Co. followers,

During the first week of each month, we will be offering a freebie on the blog! You can find all of our free content under the 'freebies' tab in our archive.

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