How to Choose Which Wedding Stationery Theme is Best for You

In the wedding stationery world, there are literally thousands of different designs and designers to choose from. It can definitely become overwhelming to scroll through hundreds of different designs, completely unsure of which direction to go with.

There are four main themes of wedding stationery - keep reading for a breakdown of each theme and how to figure out which theme is best for you!

Choosing a Wedding Stationery Theme | Aceti Design Co.

1 | Floral

The floral theme has always been a popular choice, as flowers are a symbol of the wedding industry. Flowers are seen as classy, feminine, and beautiful. It can also sometimes be viewed as formal.

 Floral themed invitations are perfect for you if you love:

  • Floral elements
  • Calligraphy
  • Cursive combined with bolder fonts
  • Formal wording
  • Lots of white space


2 | Rustic

Because of the Pinterest era, the rustic theme has become one of the most popular wedding themes. 

 Rustic themed invitations are perfect for you if you love:

  • Kraft paper
  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Baby's breath
  • kraft paper coloring & black fonts
  • Quirky & whimsical design elements, including hearts and swashes

3 | Modern

Modern theme wedding invitations have become increasingly popular due to the millenial population starting to get married.

 Modern themed invitations are perfect for you if you love:

  • Postcard invites, save the dates & RSVPs
  • Fun colors
  • Untraditional wording
  • A photo of the couple on the reverse side of the invite

4 | Classic Formal

Classic formal wedding invitations have always been the first choice for many. This is suiting for more religious marriages and traditionalists. 

 Classic Formal themed invitations are perfect for you if you love:

  • Classic calligraphy font for names and titles
  • Classic wedding invitation wording
  • Naming the parents on the invitation
  • Offering food options on the response card
  • Very simple color combinations

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What theme are you going with? Do you have any tips for new brides?

Michelle Acetimay2016