How Pinterest is the Ultimate Tool for Creatives

While many people see Pinterest as the holy grail of wedding inspiration & salad recipes, Pinterest is so much more than that. For creatives, Pinterest can be used in a variety of ways - whether it be to find inspiration, unblock your creativity, or to learn.

Why Pinterest is the Ultimate Tool for Creatives | Aceti Design Co.

1 | Design Inspiration is Everywhere

When you open up Pinterest, there are so many ideas that your eyes aren't sure which to process first! No matter what you're looking for, inspiration is everywhere you look and is easy to find. It's a great tool to find colors, shapes, layouts, mockups, quotes, virtually anything that can inspire you!

2 | browsing Helps you Stay Current

Browsing Pinterest with keywords in your niche is a great way to see what other designers are up to and what the trends are lately. While shouldn't follow every trend fad, scoping out the current trends is a great way to understand what's selling, what's popular, and what's out. As a stationer, this is especially important because wedding & party trends come and go very quickly. Chalkboard & burlap are still loved by some, but new trends are on the way. Pinterest will help you see them coming!

3 | find ideas for your own post ideas

Pinterest is full of content from bloggers, businesses and artists. If you browse Pinterest for even a few minutes, you'll see the hundreds of ways people use graphics to get you to click through to their website. This is perfect inspiration to find what you do and don't like about post graphics.

4 | It's an abundance of free knowledge

You can search Pinterest for virtually anything! You can find salad infographics, wedding inspiration, moving tips, interior design, and small business tips ALL in the same place. This is ESPECIALLY helpful for business & blogging questions, tax questions, and finding photos to create the ultimate color palette. For creatives, Pinterest has become much like google. Best of all, you can save the posts you love the most in one place. Talk about convenient! Think of Pinterest as your virtual playground... go play!

Why do you use Pinterest?

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