5 Things Every Blog Post Needs

Blogging to drive sales is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses. This means there are hundreds and hundreds of business owners turned bloggers who have begun sharing content in their niche. Aside from actual blog content, there are five key components of every blog post that can make or break a user's experience.

What are these five things and why are they so important?

Keep reading to find out!

1 | introduction

Introductions are so important! Novice bloggers usually don't think too much about the introduction to a post because they figure, hey, people are here for the actual content, right? While some people may scroll past the intro of a post to get to the content, most people do read introductions. This is how your reader knows they'll get something out of your post. Use your intro to highlight what you'll be talking about in the post. This is also a great place to add your personality & experience. Let your readers get to know you!

2 | graphic

Graphics are important for so many reasons! They allow your reader's eyes to rest in between text, and they add to the user experience. Studies show that posts with graphics are 300x more likely to be shared!  Why wouldn't you use a graphic!?

It doesn't matter whether it's a photo, infographic, video, or typographic, share at least one with each post! People are more likely to pin your post if you have an appealing graphic. Bonus points if you share a vertical graphic that makes pinning 10x more appealing! 

3 | catchy title

It's wonderful that you spend time curating your post content, but if you have a boring headline you may be missing out on clicks! 

For example, which headline would you click first:

10 ways to make money

10 insanely easy ways to double your income

4 | question/homework

Each post should be an answer to a question or have a takeaway at the end. Readers LOVE posts with reflection questions. At the end of your post, try adding a 'questions to ask yourself' section, with questions to reflect on your post's content and how they can put it to use. Adding a question at the end of your post also encourages engagement from your audience.

5 | call to action

If you are blogging for business, this is the most important step! Whatever you are trying to accomplish, make sure you put a compelling call to action to bring in customers/readers! For example, if you want more subscribers, consider adding a subscription form in your blog sidebar or at the end of every post. If you want people to shop your products, add a cute button or graphic to bring them to your shop. Every blog post has a purpose - every blog post needs a call to action!


What's one of your must-haves on your blog post checklist?