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How to Plan the Best Year Ever

Let me know if this sounds like you:

*Buys a cute planner at the end of the year, promises to actually use it

*Lays out a million goals for the new year but doesn’t track them or follow through

*Has every intention of planning for the best year ever but somehow never follows through

If any of these things sound like you, you’ve found the right post! After years of being this way myself, I’ve come across a planning/goal setting method that will set you up to have the best year ever. Keep reading to learn the 5 simple steps!

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Wedding Stationery : What's Hot Right Now

2018 is the year for calligraphy, minimalism and foil. Today's post is going to go over all of the hottest stationery trends - which do you match up with? Keep scrolling and see!
All items are linked - simply click on each image to shop the look.

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Little (affordable!) Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

These days with Pinterest, it's super easy to become overwhelmed by these hugely extravagant weddings. You look into adding a few touches to your own wedding to make it unique and come to find that just one thing will cost you $500! We've compiled a list of affordable (we're talking $5!) ways to put some personal touches on your special day.

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Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Being an Etsy seller has exposed me to a new world to announce a pregnancy! I had no idea there were so many ways to announce a pregnancy to your friends, family and spouse. We've compiled a list of our very favorites on Etsy. All links are provided.


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